Take off with us into a world where innovations and dreams take flight: Our Flying Displays showcase the pinnacle of aerospace achievements right before your eyes. Discover here a preview of our most captivating performances, along with a continuously updated listing that turns the sky into a breathtaking spectacle.


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Notice: we reserve the right to make short-term changes to departure times and aircraft.

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Our flight display is constantly evolving, enriched by new participants and surprising performances that are often confirmed at the last moment. Unless otherwise stated, all displays are available every day. Visit us regularly online to get the most up-to-date information and ensure you don't miss any of the breathtaking highlights.

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Airbus A400M Atlas

Panavia Tornado

Panavia Tornado (Spare)

Lockheed Martin F35 Lightning II

Eurofighter Typhoon

Eurofighter Typhoon (Spare)

Airbus A321 XLR

Elektra Solar Trainer

NHIndustries NH90


Quantum Systems Vector
(June 05 only)

AAR (A330 MRRT, Eurofighter, Tornado) Luftparade

Eurocopter Tiger

Eurocopter Tiger (FRA)