The Breitling Jet Team

The performance of the French Breitling Jet Team is one of this year’s ILA highlights.
The seven pilots led by Jacques ’Speedy’ Bothelin make up the world’s largest display team flying a civilian jet aircraft, namely the Czech-manufactured L-39C Albatros. This two-seater trainer has a maximum speed of 910 kph.
Team leader Bothelin, who has more than 10,000 hours of flying experience, began his career as a solo pilot in 1980 and later on became well-known by performing with the Patrouille Echo throughout Europe.

Partner Country for the ILA 2014

Turkey is partner country for the ILA Berlin Air Show 2014
Presentation by the ILA partner country Turkey
The Republic of Turkey, the official partner country of ILA 2014, provid-ed a comprehensive civilian and military display. This country, situated at the point where Europe and Asia meet, represents an attractive and ambitious market for companies in aviation and the space industry. The exhibitors, Aerospace Clustering Association, Alp Aviation, ARK Press, BITES Defence and Aerospace Technologies, Defence and Aviation Cluster (OSSA), CNK Aerospace, Das Lager, FIGES Engineering, Global Aviation, HAVELSAN, MEDEL, RotaFilo, STM Defence Technologies and Engineering Inc., Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI), ROKETSAN, TUBITAK, and TURKISH AIRLINES (THY), provided evidence of an impressive industrial capability and the outstanding research and development skills to be found in this sector in Turkey.
ILA Partnerland

BDLI presents new survey

BDLI survey: less demand for engineers and skilled workers
According to a survey presented by the German Aerospace Industries As-sociation (BDLI) at ILA 2014, in the near future demand for skilled workers in the German aerospace industry will decline.

The survey polled 59 com-panies with a combined workforce of more than 100,000. Last year, they employed close to 2,400 engineers and almost 2,000 skilled workers. How-ever, this year’s figures for newly employed engineers and skilled workers are currently below 1,000 and around 1,500 respectively. This trend is likely to continue in a similar manner over the next two years, with a demand for more skilled workers but even less engineers. According to Dr. Thomas Ehm, managing director of Human Resources, Airbus Germany, who pre-sented the survey’s findings on behalf of the BDLI , this fall in demand is due to large-scale development programmes which began last year, for which the necessary specialists have already been employed.

Continued success for ILA 2014

Partnerland der ILA 2014
Organisers draw positive conclusions from the event +++ Over 30 hours of flying displays, from veteran aircraft to technology de-monstrators +++ Air Show and ‘giants of the skies’ delight the public +++ Attendance by trade visitors and the public totals 227,000

ILA 2014 covered all aspects of the aerospace industry and was a major attraction for the public. From 20 to 25 May 1,203 exhibitors from 40 countries displayed the industry’s entire range of current high-tech products and research and development projects. Exhibitor numbers were the second-highest in the 105-year history of the ILA. Some 227,000 trade visitors and members of the public flocked to the 250,000 square-metre venue, Berlin Expo Center Airport. At 120,000 the number of trade visitors remained at a high level and stable.

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